Your Quest

Your Quest for Excellence

This hand drawn animation illustrates passages from a self-hypnosis cassette that I found in a thrift store called "Your Quest for Excellence". I have no idea who made it and I can't find any information about it anywhere.

It features two separate stories read simultaneously in stereo. Positive subliminal messages occur as the text passages overlap. While listening to this recording, I freely drew and doodled on flip book note pads. These doodle animations where composited into to this final piece along with the cassette soundtrack.

Lately, I have been interested in art as therapy in the tradition of Emma Kunst's healing drawings, Joseph Boyes' use of copper plates to generate positive energy and the scientist, Wilhelm Reich who developed The Cloudbuster device to project positive energy into the atmosphere. This work deals with the belief in invisible ephemeral power but it is also claims to be based on scientific theory. I find it inspiring in its intent to reach a spectator's "subconscious" or "soul" in order to induce a cathartic physical response.


Total Certainty

A film production label that I started for all of my animated work. These video segments and trailers are from a DVD collection of my films from 1996-2007.


65CXV, Stop motion animation, 1996

A maintanance robot and an electronic part fall in love but it doesn't last. Named after the 65cxv microchip, a world inside of an electronic circuit. The soundtrack was performed with circuit bent electronics.


Mow!, Stop Motion Animation, 1996

Robots behaving badly. The soundtrack performed on circuit bent casio keyboards.


The Intagible Under-Umbre

The human race may or may not be in great peril, at the hands of slug-mounted biomechanical creatures that could be artificial plants from the future, or a hoax created by underground organisms mutated by lawn chemicals. The plants in a suburban home communicate psychically as they face these invaders, see their human caretaker turned into a zombie, and hear the defiant speeches of a baby who has been mysteriously drawn to crawl into the microwave, then becoming traumatically fused with the appliance. A film by Matthew Steinke and Bert Stabler