2018, mixed media, robotics, video, animation, sound


“Deliriums” explores the space between “matter and mind” through robotic sculpture, animation, and sound. I am facinated by the ephemeral parts of things that cannot be seen like the electrons in a circuit, the music from an instrument, or the thoughts of a person. I explore ways inwhich internal processes can manifest in physical space as movements, sounds, and behaviors. The three instruments in the documentation represent one of three personality clusters from the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) which include Cluster A (odd, eccentric), Cluster B (dramatic erratic), Cluster C (anxious, fearful).

I collected spoken monologues from anonymous individuals diagnosed with personality disorders, transcribed the recordings into text and then outputted them from voice synthesizers. Then I created animations to help illustrate their imaginations. The robotic instruments score the emotional content of their confessions. The animations, monologues, and robotics are all perfectly synched like the tracks of a film, however, they cannot be experienced all at once because they are dispersed throughout the gallery space.

Special thanks to Phillip Niemeyer and Northern-Southern Gallery.

Portable Version of InstallationDeliriums portable version at the Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, TX

Video StillCluster C video still

Video Still
Cluster C video still