Sonolgy and Acoustics

The Acoustical Foundations of Music by John Backus

Musical Acoustics by Donald E. Hall

The Audible Past by Jonathan Sterne

First Sounds  –  Interesting project combining history, archeology, and sound technology

Institute of Sonology – Get a degree in sound art

The Art of Noise by Luigi Russolo – Early sound artist manifesto

Invented Instruments

Texts and Tools

Musical Instrument Design by Bart Hopkins – A great book for getting started building every kind of instrument

Prepared Guitar

Harmonic Guitar

Dennis Havlena

Cigar Box Instruments

Fret Calculator

Parts and Supplies



Texts and Tools

Falstad Circuit Simulator – This developer deserves a prize for this amazing electronics simulator. Its an applet so if your stuck at a day job and would rather be prototyping, here you go!

Protobaord Design + Arduino Simulator

Electronic Projects for Musicians by Craig Anderton

Hardware Hacking by Nic Collins

Parts and Supplies

Sparkfun – Great kits and parts specific to microcontroller dev, 3d printers, maker stuff

Adafruit – Great kits and parts specific to microcontroller dev, 3d printers, maker stuff

All Electronics – Surplus parts, kits and parts specific to microcontroller dev, 3d printers, maker stuff

Electronic Goldmine – Surplus parts

Software and Embedded Hardware


Pure Data – Runs on a Raspberry Pi and its OPEN SOURCE!

Pure Data Manual

Raspberry PI and Pure Data Ref

Pure Data Tutorial

Raspberry Pi (RASPI)

PiMiDi using RASPI built in serial so you don’t need a USB MIDI interface

PD command line options



Virtual MIDI Piano

Note names, MIDI numbers and frequencies

Variable Midi Clock Project

Midi Arpeggiator and LFO – Works with RASPI

3D Design

Open Modular Hardware

Open Builds


Baschet Brothers – Composition, Sculpture, Performance, Invented Instruments
 – Composition, Sculpture, Invented Instruments, Installation
Logos Foundation – Composition, Performance, Invented Instruments, Installation
Bart Hopkins – Composition, invented Instruments, Installation
Colnan Nancarrow – Composition, Invented Instruments, Installation
Glenn Branca – Composition, Invented Instruments
Piere Bastian – Composition, Sculpture, Invented Instruments, Performance
Léo Maurel – Invented Instruments
Maryanne Marcher – Composition, Installation, Performance
John Zorn – Composition
Pauline Oliveros – Composition, Philosophy
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Composition
Ken Rinaldo – Performance, Installation
Joseph Beuys -Sculpture, Performance, Installation
Tim Hawkinson -Sculpture, Installation
Mike Kelley -Sculpture, Installation, Performance
Else Marie Pade – Composition
Nic Collins – Composition, Invented Instruments
Shawn Decker – Composition, Sculpture, Invented Instruments, Installation
Peter Vogel – Sculpture, Sound, Installation
Huong Ngo -Sculpture, Installation, Performance
Terry Riley – Composition
Steve Reich – Composition
Wendy Carlos – Composition
Bart Hopkin – Composition, Invented Instruments
Luigi Russolo – Composition, Invented Instruments
Harry Partch – Composition, Invented Instruments
David Tudor – Composition, Invented Instruments, Performance, Installation
Alvin Lucier – Composition, Invented Instruments, Performance, Installation
Douglas Repetto – Invented Instruments, Installation
Chico MacMurtrie -Installation, sound, Sculpture

Videos : Teaching and Learning about the Sonic Arts