Sonolgy and Acoustics

The Acoustical Foundations of Music by John Backus

Musical Acoustics by Donald E. Hall

The Audible Past by Jonathan Sterne

First Sounds  –  Interesting project combining history, archeology, and sound technology

Institute of Sonology – Get a degree in sound art

The Art of Noise by Luigi Russolo – Early sound artist manifesto

Invented Instruments

Texts and Tools

Musical Instrument Design by Bart Hopkins – A great book for getting started building every kind of instrument

Prepared Guitar

Harmonic Guitar

Windworld – Bart Hopkins

Dennis Havlena

Cigar Box Instruments

Fret Calculator

Parts and Supplies



Texts and Tools

Falstad Circuit Simulator – This developer deserves a prize for this amazing electronics simulator. Its an applet so if your stuck at a day job and would rather be prototyping, here you go!

Protobaord Design + Arduino Simulator

Electronic Projects for Musicians by Craig Anderton

Hardware Hacking by Nic Collins

Parts and Supplies

Sparkfun – Great kits and parts specific to microcontroller dev, 3d printers, maker stuff

Adafruit – Great kits and parts specific to microcontroller dev, 3d printers, maker stuff

All Electronics – Surplus parts, kits and parts specific to microcontroller dev, 3d printers, maker stuff

Electronic Goldmine – Surplus parts

Software and Embedded Hardware


Pure Data – Runs on a Raspberry Pi and its OPEN SOURCE!

Pure Data Manual

Pure Data Tutorial

Raspberry Pi (RASPI)

PiMiDi using RASPI built in serial so you don’t need a USB MIDI interface

PD command line options



Virtual MIDI Piano

Note names, MIDI numbers and frequencies

Variable Midi Clock Project

Midi Arpeggiator and LFO – Works with RASPI

3D Design

Open Modular Hardware

Open Builds


Baschet Brothers – Composition, Sculpture, Performance, Invented Instruments
 – Composition, Sculpture, Invented Instruments, Installation
Logos Foundation – Composition, Performance, Invented Instruments, Installation
Colnan Nancarrow – Composition, Invented Instruments, Installation
Glenn Branca – Composition, Invented Instruments
Piere Bastian – Composition, Sculpture, Invented Instruments, Perfromance
Maryanne Marcher – Composition, Installation, Performance
John Zorn – Composition
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Composition
Joseph Beuys – Scultpure, Performance, Installation
Tim Hawkinson – Scultpure, Installation
Mike Kelley – Scultpure, Installation, Performance
Else Marie Pade – Composition
Nic Collins – Composition, Invented Instruments
Shawn Decker – Composition, Sculpture, Invented Instruments, Installation
Peter Vogel – Sculpture, Sound, Installation
Huong Ngo – Scultpure, Installation, Performance
Terry Riley – Composition
Steve Reich – Composition
Wendy Carlos – Composition
Bart Hopkin – Composition, Invented Instruments
Luigi Russolo – Composition, Invented Instruments
Harry Partch – Composition, Invented Instruments
David Tudor – Composition, Invented Instruments, Performance, Installation
Alvin Lucier – Composition, Invented Instruments, Performance, Installation
Douglas Repetto – Invented Instruments, Installation
Chico MacMurtrie -Installation, sound, Sculpture

Videos : Teaching and Learning about the Sonic Arts